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Ride for years for next to nothing with Electro-Chemical Architecture designed to overcome inhospitable conditions.

This simple all in one kit weighs 35lbs less and will last 3-5x longer than standard cheap and heavy lead acid batteries.

Lithium is the lightest of all metals.

You will feel an incredible performance boost in torque, range and acceleration rate.

The chemistry within this battery is engineered specifically for electronic vehicles even in high demand cold temperature environments.

This battery offers a consistent high discharge rate performance

This drop in compact unit is a simple, maintenance and worry-free smart battery with free charger included

The proprietary circuitry within the unit controls safety mechanisms ensuring long life performance.

Join the Electronic Army : Lithium Division

With State of the Art Propulsion System even suitable for Interplanetary Missions

The Future of Electronic Warfare is here

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1. Scope
This specification describes the characteristics of the battery and test method
2. Dimension
L*W*H(in) 8.07" x 6.3" x 7.68"
3. Battery Pack components
? Cells : Model : 146587
? PCB Board :13serials board with balance charge and discharge function
? Case :Plastic case
4.Battery Pack characteristics
No Contents Data Unit
1 Rated voltage 48 V
2 Resistance ≤100 mΩ AC resistance measuring instrument
3 Weight ≤9.6kg g
4 Charge model CC/CV
Charge characteristics
5 Charge temperature range 0-45 ?
Max charge current 10 A
6 Charge current 4 A
7 Charge cut-off voltage 4.28±0.025 V
Discharge characteristics
8 Discharge temperature range -20-45 ?
9 Standard discharge current 10 A
10 Max discharge current 40 A
12 Discharge cut-off voltage(single cell) 3.0±0.05 V
13 Cycle life 1000 cycles
At room temperature ,after 1000times
cycle life (Remaining capacity
Storage characteristics
14 Storage temperature 0-35 ?
15 Storage relative humidity 10-85 %
16 Connection terminal Red terminal + Black terminal -
5. Test condition and method
5.1 the performance and test methods of battery Pack
Item Test methods Standard
After full -charge of battery Pack ,Discharge the battery at
5A current to the cut-off voltage at room temperature
condition (25±2?)
Discharge capacity >20Ah
performance with
large current
After full charge of the battery pack m ,Discharge the battery
at 10A current to the cut-off voltage at room temperature
condition (25±2?)
Discharge capacity >19Ah
High temperature
After full charge ,put the battery pack in a high temperature
environment ?50±2??,heating the battery with a constant
high temperature for 2 hours ,then discharge the battery to
the cut-off voltage at 5 A current
Discharge capacity >19Ah
Low temperature
After full charge ,put the battery pack in a low temperature
environment ?-20±2?? for 8 hours ,then discharge the
battery to the cut-off voltage at 5 A current
Discharge capacity >12Ah
Cycle life
Under room temperature condition ?25±2??,after full
charge of the battery ,shelving the battery for 30 minutes ,
then discharge the battery with 5A current to the cut-off
voltage , and shelve it for 30 minutes ,Charge the battery
fully using battery charger ,repeat the procedure as above
until the discharge Capacity after 3 continuous cycles is
less than 70% initial battery discharge capacity
Cycle life
6. Mechanical and safety characteristics
4 Crush Test
The charged cell shall be crushed between two flat
surfaces ,the force for the crushing is to be applied
by a hydraulic ram with a 32mm diameter
piston ,the crush is to be continued until a pressure
reading of 17.2 Mpa is reached on the hydraulic
ram ,applied force of 13KN ,once the maximum
pressure has been obtained it is to be released
No fire and no exploding
5 Hot Oven
The charged cell is to be heated in a gravity
convection or circulating air oven, the oven
temperature is to be raised with a rate of 5 ? per
minute to 130±2?before the test is discontinued
No fire and no exploding
6 Short Circuit
The cell is to be short-circuited by a cooper wire
have a resistance about 0.1ohm between the
positive and negative terminals
7 Over Charge The cell is charged using a constant current of 4A
until the current drop to 0A Protected
8 Over discharge Using 10A current to discharge the battery until
the battery's voltage drop to 0V
No fire and no exploding
No Contents Conditions and others Performance
1 Mechanical
The cell is to be subjected to simple harmonic
motion with amplitude 0f 0.8mm,the frequency is to
be varied at the rate of 1Hz per minute between 10
and 55Hz ,the return is not less than 90 nor more
than 100min ,the cell is to be tested in three
mutually perpendicular direction
No fire and exploding
2 Drop Test
The cell is to be dropped from a height of 1.2M
with 3 cycles
No fire and no exploding
3 Puncture test
A rod with a diameter of 3 mm puncture through
the right face of the cell
No fire and no exploding

7. Cell Dimension: (Model 7098168/10AH)
8 Balance protection circuit
8.1parameter and function:(25?)
Item Average Unit
charge voltage(CC/CV) DC 67.2V CC/CV V
Overcharge delay 0.96-1.4 S
Overcharge protection recovery 4.08 V
Over-discharge protection voltage 3.0±0.05 V
Over discharge protection delay 115-173 S
Over discharge protection recovery 3.0. ±0.1 V
Max continuous discharge current 16 A
Max continuous charge current 16 A
Over current protection 80±10A A
Over current detection voltage 0.62V V
Over current protection delay 7.2-11 S
Short --circuit protection current 100 A
Resistance 30 mΩ
Balance Voltage 4.2±0.025 V
Balance current 84±10 mA

8.2 Charger's parameters and specification :
Name YJT54.6V 4A
L*W*H 7.09" x 3.66" x 2.40"
Input voltage AC180~240?
Input current Max3.5A?AC1800V?100%LOAD?
Efficiency Min 80%?AC220V?100%LOAD?
Output power 270
Fuse current 6.3
Max charge voltage 54.6±0.3
Max charge current 4.0±0.15
Cut-off current 4.0±0.15
Charge indicator
The red light will flash in standby status ,the battery are in charging status
when the red light turn on ,battery was full charged when the green light
turn on ,red and green light flashing means the there are some abnormal
things had happened or reverse connection
Surface temperature In the charging process ,surface temperature will be <55?
microphone :1 (positive) ,2( negative)
? shape terminal : N (Positive ) .L (negative)
Round terminal: internal side is positive and external side is negative
Weight (g) ~870
Wire length Input:1.1?Output:1.1

Working environment Temperature : 0~40? Relative humidity : 10~85%
Storage temperature Temperature : 10~70? Relative humidity : 5~90%